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Few construction illustrate better the culture of leisure than the swimming pool. The image of a swimming pool is almost always associated with lazy hours enjoyed in a bathing suit in the warm sun.

Adding a swimming pool to a private house certainly increases the quality of life, not only because of its intrinsic advantages but also suggests a benign climate and an idyllic life in the open.

Today, swimming pools can take on just about any form. Whether the architect inserts in a plan an elongated shape or integrates into the topography a round, oval, or elliptical mirror-like object; or designs and L-shaped, T-shaped or irregularly shaped pool to make a customer’s dream come true, in any case, there has to be enough space.

In choosing the materials for a swimming pool, the way the pool will be used, it’s shape and depth and it’s filter system must be taken into consideration. Pools built without seams are generally more watertight and easy to clean. Small mosaic tiles fit the most challenging contours and do not fragment like their larger counterparts on whose broken edges can easily injure people.

When s swimming pool is designed, it’s depth and slope must be defined. For athletic swimming, a long pool is needed and  of course a basin of sufficient depth. Massage heads and Jacuzzi connected to the pool are beneficial to both body and soul. A clearly visible, separable and  safe area should be allocated for children. Entry to the pool can be via space saving ladder or a more comfortable staircase. Both elements have a considerable effect on the overall design of the pool and should be selected with care. The pool area itself should be sunny and protected against prying eyes.

No matter what shape and size a pool may be, if it is well taken care of and blends well into the surroundings, it will act as a restorative to flesh and spirit and can be a source of inspiration to you and your family.

At Aquarius, we promise to deliver!