Underwater Light

Deltech 50

The sign of the light is made from fully copper / brass material. The operation voltage of the light is 12V through transformer whereas the power is 50W. This design also comes in another type form, where the housing was manufactured by ABS material.

Deltech 120

The sign of the light is manufactured by Nylon material, a material especially durable to high temperatures. The light is supported on a round basis manufactured externally by Nylon and internally by lead, which it’s checked weight allows the light to always stand upright. It comes in two different voltages.

Pentair Amerlite 12V 300W

The world standard of reliability for pool lighting
Amerlite®, the world standard of reliability for underwater lights, features a stainless steel shell, 8-3/8 in. prismatic tempered glass lens, and stainless steel face ring with uni-tension clamp. Amerlites are UL listed to install in full-sized Pentair Pool Products, American, PacFab and Purex niches.

• World standard of reliability
• Stainless steel face ring with uni-tension clamp
• Superior light diffusion
• Prismatic tempered lens
• Gold diffused low water cutoff

Pentair Spa Brite 12V 100W

The world standard of reliability for spa lighting
SpaBrite® lights are available with either stainless steel or triple chrome-plated brass face rings. This energy-efficient light is perfect for spas and areas where space is not available for a full-size light. SpaBrite lights install in small plastic or stainless steel Pentair niches.

• Stainless steel face rings
• Prismatic tempered glass lens
• Stainless steel housing
• Easy service stainless steel clamp
• Halogen Lamp
• Gold diffused low water cutoff
• Easy to service



Amerlite Light Bulb 300W


Burly 12V 150W


Oase Lunaqua 10


Pentair Spa Brite Bulb 100W


Pool Light Bulb 2 Pin


Waterco Litestream Underwater lights