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Plan Your Pool Usage

When deciding on which kind of pool to build, the next step is to think about the main purposes of the pool. How you intend to use your own lagoon is a very important aspect you have to consider before finalizing the design. Will the kids be playing ball games in it? Will you want to swim laps? Is relaxation going to be the main priority? Are you dreaming of uniquely shaped pool? Is your space big enough?

For example, natural shaped pools are made to look like outdoor ponds and other free-form pools easily add character to your landscape, but of course you can always stick with the classic rectangle, square or oval shapes, which never go out of style. Here are some of the most common ways to use your pool. One pool can fall into several of these categories.

A wading pool is a shallow pool for children to play in. It is usually no deeper than 2 feet (unless requested otherwise by owner) and can be integrated into the bigger pool. The benefits of early swimming are numerous providing hours of fun and encouraging learning helping your child develop confidence and positive self-image. Children who learn how to swim early are often thought to be happier and healthier. Research shows that children who start swimming from an early age perform better on tests measuring social, academic, and personality developments.


wading pools, kids pool

A lap pool is also known as an exercise pool or a fitness pool primarily built for fitness and health purposes. Typically, lap pools are rectangular shaped, long and narrow, and about 45 to 50 feet in length. As residential lots are becoming smaller, lap pools have gained popularity as they are a good solution for narrow residential lots.

Residential lap pool, in-ground pool with water feature

A spool pool is a combination of a spa and a swimming pool. Typically measuring about 12 feet by 14 feet, a spool is equipped with strong jets that creates a swirling current. It is generally easier to maintain and is an option to be considered if you are tight on space.


spool pool with water feature

A free-form pool is often a lagoon style, irregular shaped or naturalistic pool with curves or flowing lines. However, as the word "free-form pool" implies, Aquarius can custom make pools with almost any shape or depth. 

A freeform pool is a popular choice for resorts and holiday homes as it can be made to complement the landscape in the surrounding area with rock work and waterfall features designed to resemble an oasis.

freeform commercial in-ground skimmer pool

Wading Pool

Wading Pool

Lap Pool

Spool Pool

Free-form Pool


An average sized family pool is generally about 4 feet or 1.2 meters deep and serves as a multi-purpose pool for the whole family. The main purpose of a family pool is to relax and fun in with your whole family while also using it for regular exercise. A family pool can be custom designed to accommodate the needs of every family member. Shallow pools with a maximum depth of 4 to 5 feet are popular for home owners and are great for family games such as water polo, basketball, volleyball, etc. If you want to dive, your pool should be at least 8 feet deep.

Family Pool or General Use Pool

family pool, residential in-ground pool
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