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Aquarius Services

At Aquarius, we're all about top-notch quality and exceptional service. Our commitment to service covers everything from design and construction to maintenance, refurbishment, and innovation. We value our dedicated team and keep your needs in mind. We deliver essential equipment to your doorstep and maintain strong customer relationships, even after your pool is complete.

Design & Construction of Swimming Pools

Aquarius' in-ground concrete pools offer you unparalleled design flexibility. Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to pool size, depth, shape, and even location. Whether you have extravagant personal preferences or challenging site conditions, such as indoor or outdoor settings, sloping terrain, hillside locations, elevated structures, or even rooftops, concrete pools empower you to think creatively.

Reinforced concrete pools possess inherent strength, allowing us to construct boundary walls, water features, and even integrate them into the house's foundation when carefully planned, a feat we've accomplished on numerous occasions.

A well-designed concrete pool is not just an asset to your property; it's easy to maintain and a source of pure enjoyment for the pool owner.

pool construction process

The design and construction process of Aquarius concrete swimming pools

Design & Construction of Fountain, Jacuzzi, Pond, Sauna, Steam Room & Water Features

Get in touch to find out more. 

Renovation, Refurbishment & Restoration

While we are recognized as experts in swimming pool construction, our capabilities extend to renovation, refurbishment, and the restoration of existing swimming pools, water features, and related structures. If you're envisioning a larger, more advanced, or improved swimming pool, whether it involves re-plastering, remodeling, or any other form of renovation, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Our portfolio includes various projects such as expanding existing pool sizes to accommodate larger families or new designs, reshaping and redesigning, refurbishing to update worn finishes and give your pool a fresh appearance, and restoring old pools to their original splendor.

Pool Repair & Maintenance

A swimming pool often represents a significant investment in your property. Maintaining it properly ensures that your personal oasis at home remains a place of relaxation and enjoyment for your entire family.

As industry experts, we recognize the critical role of finding a skilled technician to address your pool needs. Whether you require regular weekly or monthly maintenance checks or if you encounter equipment issues, you can rely on Aquarius Swimming Pools Sdn Bhd as a trusted partner in our region.

We take pride in overseeing the care of pools we've built and stand ready to resolve any complications arising from wear and tear. Count on us for expert troubleshooting and assistance with swimming pools and water features. Your pool's health is our priority.


Aquarius team repairing a damaged swimming pool

Swimming Pool Equipment Supplies

Explore our affordable swimming pool services designed to make your pool shine with every splash. Beyond affordability, our dedicated servicing team ensures your pool's optimal performance, saving you money in the long run. We prioritize energy efficiency and proactively prevent costly repairs resulting from extended use.

Investing in Aquarius pool cleaning services is an investment in your pool's longevity. We provide a comprehensive range of pool and water-related chemicals and equipment, including:

  • Household and commercial filters

  • Essential chemicals (chlorine, pool test kits, etc.)

  • Fountain heads and nozzles

  • Underwater lights and bulbs

  • Reliable pumps

  • Pool maintenance equipment

  • An array of pool accessories (Automatic Pool Chlorinators, Metering Pumps, Skimmers, Pool Grating, Wall Inlets, Floor Inlets, Main Drain Frame Grating, and more).

Trust us to keep your pool in top shape, and enjoy the benefits of a sparkling, cost-effective oasis.

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