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Burly 12v 100w (nicheless) underwater light

Burly 12v 150w (nicheless) underwater light

Burly 12v 6w c/w 72 LED bulbs (warm white)

Burly 12v 18w c/w 252 LED bulbs (warm white) 

Burly 12v 6w (72 LED bulbs) multi-coloured (Blue/Green/Red)

Burly 12v 18w (252 LED bulbs) multi-coloured (Blue/Green/Red)

Halogen light bulb for Burly light (75w & 100w)

Aqua Quip LED Surface Mounted U / Light (4m cable) - White 

Waterco Britestream LED U / Light-8-LED MK3 (4m cable) - RGB 

Spa Brite (Original) 12v 100w U / Water Light

Amerlite (Original) 12v 300w U / Water Light

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