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Aquarius Fiberglass Pools

Explore our wide range of high-quality fiberglass pools. You'll find a variety of options to suit your style, from modern to classic, as you browse our selection. We have the perfect fiberglass pool for your dream backyard oasis.

Aquarius Fiberglass pools are very economical, easy-to-maintain and every pool comes with a 10-year warranty certificate. The pool comes with a compact and very effective filtration system, control panel, plumbing materials and full set of maintenance equipment as a package. The Control panel has an inbuilt timer to control the filtration system for daily operations. The filter system is compact, extremely safe, economical and energy saving and reduces the effort of having a separate filter plant room to house the equipment.

Aquarius Fiberglass pools have walk-in steps, seating ledges, coves and sun deck configurations. The fiberglass shell resists algae growth thereby reducing the maintenance efforts. The shell has a better insulator and does not require any liner replacements or resurfacing like for vinyl and concrete swimming pools.

Aquarius Fiberglass pools come in various shapes and sizes. With 3 colors (blue, white and grey) to choose from, it is worth an investment. The costs to maintain these pools is incredibly low and requires very little chemicals and cleaning products.

Keeping future upgrades in mind, Aquarius Fiberglass pools, have the facility to connect solar panels/ heat pumps to heat up your pool. These pools are also added with hydrotherapy jets, under water LED Lights to light up your pool with options for RGB Lights, as well as facility to connect water features like cascades & spouts.

Aquarius Fiberglass Pool Range

7 Meter Pools

8 Meter Pools

9 Meter Pools

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