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Monthly Pool Servicing Subscription

We're pleased to provide a monthly subscription with a few packages that are affordable and beneficial for swimming pool owners. Our services are a must have for all pool owners as it makes pool ownership and maintenance absolutely effortless.

Pool Chemical Testing Services

Pool chemical testing services is the package where we provide the customer detailed water information and suggestions on how to improve the water quality by using our Pool Lab facility, by taking a sample of the swimming pool water we are able to determine your swimming pool water chemistry attributes and to adjust them accordingly to ensure perfect swimming water conditions.

Pool Maintenance Services

Pool maintenance services is the package where we gonna do necessary maintenance for the pool which include brushing, vacuum, scoop debris inside the pool and other more in order to make your pool clear from all other debris that easily come inside the pool.

All Inclusive Pool Maintenance & Warranty Services

We also provide a best all inclusive pool maintenance & warranty services for all mentioned services. You can put 100% trust and responsibility to us to take care of your pool with no worries.

Pool Chemical Balancing Services

Pool chemical balancing services is where we will analyse, measure accurately and deliver the suitable amount of chlorine and other chemicals needed in order to get the ideal water chemistry for your pool. We will do a detailed water testing & analysis using the Pool Lab facility and will propose the suitable chemicals to be doses for your swimming pool in the safest amount.

Pool Equipment
Maintenance Services

Pool equipment maintenance services is the service where we gonna maintain all the equipment for the pool which include swimming pool pump & filter. Owner can relax and trust us on handling their equipment so that their pool equipment is at the best condition. 


1) The subscription services provided depend on the swimming pool sizes.

2) Please consult with us before subscribe any of the services. We have a right to terminate the services if there is any wrongful information that not been given to us before the services start.

3) The servicing will be don 2 times a week.

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